Pinot Noir: My Three Sons agree, it’s MacMurray Ranch

In the endless search to find good wine there are so many choices.  This time around I grab a bottle of 2007 MacMurray Ranch Russian River Pinot Noir.   Yes that is MacMurray, as in actor Fred MacMurray from "My Three Sons" fame.  Actor, rancher and patriarch of a California wine company, pretty impressive resume but what about the wine?  Not sure if this gets an Emmy, Certified Angus or 92pts Parker?  This is what I thought:

Color:  Light magenta but quasi-translucent.  Not as see through as some Pinot Noir. Bright and clear on the edges.   

Nose:  Ok so this is California Pinot Noir.  Tell tale fruit on the nose but I was expecting more cherry but there is a mix of black-ish fruit too and a bit of plum skin comes out with time.  The interesting piece is the whiff of dill and thanks to the oak treatmen there is a bit of nutmeg-y sweetness.  

Palate:  Lean to medium body and this fits into the Pinot Noir category nicely.  The oak in this kind of dominates my palate and I was a little disappointed.  The fruit is present but I feel like this wine was engineered to fit a certain style.  The saving grace is the balance of the acid and the finish which is long but nondescript.

Now that the tasting is over I must admit California Pinot Noir is not my favorite wine in general.  Yes, are there stand outs?  Absolutely.  The funny part is that I actually gravitate toward the fruit bomby, mindless quaffers when drinking California Pinot Noir. To me that is CA Pinot’s place. Sorry MacMurray Ranch but for this palate, you straddle the line of serious and easy does-it.  This would be a hit for many but at the retail price of around $25-$30 I would make this a bottle to pop for your friends that only drink Pinot Noir and save the Burgundy for when I visit.  Cheers!