Saint Clair “Vicar’s Choice” Pinot Noir 2008

Saint Clair “Vicar’s Choice” Pinot Noir hails from Marlborough, New Zealand. Marlborough is a popular name in the wine world and my fascination with the region really stems from 1 thing… Flight of the Conchords.  Honestly, I can be a bit of a wine geek but my excitement for this bottle is purely pop culture and comedy driven.  That being said I can still give it a fair pass over the palate.

The color is right on for a good Pinot Noir, muted ruby.  What I like is it is true to the varetial’s characteristic of being clear, see through and ruby hued.  As I pass it over my keyboard I can still read the keys and that is perfect.

On to the nose, my absolute favorite part in the tasting process.  After a tilt-and-swirl, this is not overly expressive on the nose but you definitely can pick out the red fruit.  What’s up red currant and cherries?  

After an elongated huffing session, on to the sip.  The fruit carries through nice and the cherries lead the charge.  On the attack the fruit is joined by a little wood, perhaps a little too much, but it all works in balance.  At mid palate we catch up with red currant.  The finish is fruity and the acid sums this up nicely.  Tannins are light and smooth.

This is a good drink.  Fruit forward is an understatement.  This Pinot Noir is asking you to the Fruit Prom and you just met.  Juicy style that really hits a home run as a quaffer with character.  If you love Burgundy this is not for you.  I love this wine as a Spring sipper.  Not overly complex and it has the delicious factor going for it.  For $12-$15 you should be happy.  Made to drink now.  Pair this with grilled portobello mushrooms or swordfish with balsamic glaze.  Cheers! (What, no points?  I’m in too good of a mood due to Flight of the Conchords reference and link…ok, Wine Advocate gave it 90pts)