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Delamotte Brut Champagne: A New Year

There are many time honored beverage traditions but perhaps the most revered is the New Years Eve Toast of bubbly.  Bubbles for the night are commonly referred to as “Champagne”, though many folks delve into other sparkling wines like Cava, Prosecco and Cremant styles.  Heck, I myself come from a long line of Asti Spumante drinkers! On most toast occasions I go for the less complicated (read as cheaper) sparkling wines, but this year is different.  I am celebrating new beginnings and it is only fitting that I pop the real thing… CHAMPAGNE!  

The selection is Delamotte Brut NV.  Delamotte is a “sister” house to legendary Salon, one the the finest sparklers in France.  The wine blend in the bottle is 50% Chardonnay, 30%, Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier.    Let’s see what we have:

Color:  Light straw, to golden.  Pretty bubbles floating to the surface.

Nose:  Signature, yet restrained Champagne bouquet.  Delicate flower and lemon mousse mingle with yeasty sweetness and toast on the nose.  Citrus adds punch and chalk creeps in at the end with a hint of almond.  

Palate:  The first thing that strikes me is the balance of this wine.  This is an integrated gem.  The bubbles dance softly on the palate and really entice you to sip more.  This is light weight but flavorful.  Apple, pear and lemon peel make for a lively swig.  The doughy bread component carries to the mid-palate and is replaced by a refined touch of minerality.  Acid cleans up nicely with the effervescent bubbles.

This is a phenomenal effort.  I am admittedly a big fan of Champagne but I am excited to finally have tasted this producer.  For all the folks that dislike Champagne because of it’s austerity and pretension, this will open your eyes.  The freshness and elegance of this wine is top notch.  I will be adding this to my arsenal of “any night is a special night” wines.  As the Salon Delamotte website says, “Any excuse is good to drink this wine: a generous, clean champagne, a champagne of tenderness and smiles, a must for the cellars of those who love life.”  That suits me just fine.   The perfect sip of bubbly to celebrate life! Cheers to the good life with love and happiness going forward!

Corkd is the Future of Wine

I have a confession to make,  wine ratings and reviews intrigue me.  Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and International Wine Cellar are a few of the respected players in the game less we forget the top dog, Robert Parker’s, Wine Advocate.  For the most part I follow these ratings because I like to stack my developing wine knowledge and palate up against the “Pros”.  I’m not looking for the green light to like a certain wine or pan the next, I have become comfortable trusting my own palate.  I’m looking for stimulation and provocation.   To this end I have discovered my source of inspiration,

Corkd is a bastion of all things wine.  Wine ratings, reviews, discussions, educational content and the personalized “cellar” inventory are the features I like the most.  Other features include the chance to have a profile and follow other users that are labeled “drinking buddies”.

The social aspect of Corkd is what sets it apart from it’s competitors.  Aside from a commitment to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Corkd also host tastings near it’s home in NYC.  These efforts lead to continuity in their interactions and lend an authentic sense of community to the site.   

The communal  reviews is where I see so much potential.  No longer do I need to subscribe to other services.  The ratings come from all types of people, all with varied skill levels, knowledge and biases.  I have to believe that through all the reviews, eventually what shakes out will be a reliable indicator of what a wine’s true merits are.  It will bring “Power to the People’s Palates” and wineries will have to listen.  

Can you imagine a time when the most important rating/review a winery is lookng for comes from the community on Corkd, not from a desk in Manhattan or an office in Baltimore, MD?  Can you invision a time when your friends, family and colleagues will look to you and your “drinking buddies” as the authority on wine?  I can, and I welcome it!  The wine world is changing, the myths are being busted, the pomp and circumstance is through and the Gatekeepers of yesterday are being rundown.  Corkd is making it happen and it’s happening now!